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2nd International Scientific Conference - SGEM2002, www.sgem.org, SGEM2002 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 9-15, 2002, 183- 204pp


Mines being as unrenovated resources have to be operated where they
deposit. Mining activities are inevitably carried out mostly at forests or
cultivated lands and close to urban areas. Almost every facet of mining
activity can create an undesirable visual impact. Reclamation of partially
or totally destructed land by variety facilities should be taken into
consideration before the beginning of mining and should also be put into
reality in parallel with mining operation. Therefore, the cost and period of
reclamation will overwhelmingly be minimized.
In the scope of this study, the area of 77.4 ha located in Istanbul-
Agaclı Region was chosen as a working area. Coal production was
completed by surface mining only in this part (77.4ha) of the land and
approximately 4.5 million tonnes m3 overburden material were excavated,
75.000 tonnes coal were produced during 25 years operation period. In this
study, after evaluation of current condition and environmental features of
the area, various experimental studies were carried out on representative
samples taken from overburden material and water sources in order to find
out the existence of any contamination and to determine the properties of
samples subjected to the reclamation. As a result of experimental data,
simple reclamation proposal was developed. However, according to the
future mining plans data of licence holder company, mining activities can
be started in the western part of the land in order to evaluate coal seams.
Therefore, reclamation plan that contains recreation usage following
grading and vegetation was proposed on the area of 18 ha which will not
be affected by the future mining operation.