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4th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2004, www.sgem.org, SGEM2004 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 14-18, 2004, 277- 284pp

/Full article available only in Bulgarian language/

Development of information technologies for the recent years converted the
information into a powerful resource, providing more and more various spheres of
production. And the new methods of acquiring, managing and saving different types
of information created the information systems. Geoinformation systems (GIS) unite a
vigorous mechanism for layered information acquiring, separated to two major
information flows, respectively - spatial and descriptive, with absolutely automated
functional relations. GIS has a complete ability for making complicated analyses and
extraction of open or closed information. Geo-information system “MapInfo” is a
leader among Desktop systems. It takes a guiding place as information insurance in
the fields as ecology, surveying and cadastre, in civil engineering and state
administration. The great amount of sold copies - over 165 000, proves the popularity
of that system.
The information insurance of mine producing and geology is an important stage,
not only for mine constructive works, but mainly for the exploitation period of each
mine. Here in Bulgaria in the mining field, we have only vague attempts for
introducing such information insurance by GIS.
It that paper is shown the structure of open pit mine “Asarel” by several
information layers, presenting appropriate analysis and quarries. For that purpose it
has been used GIS “MapInfo”.
The complete power of “MapInfo” has been given in a very specific sphere,
such as an open extraction of mineral resources.

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