E. V. Vorontsova, A. L. Vorontsov, T. N. Balashova
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The article examines the process and features of the development of legislation on environmental safety in the States members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). According to the authors, this process is an example of the formation of a unified political and legal system for ensuring environmental safety at the regional level. The long law-making process has allowed the Commonwealth states to provide themselves with the necessary legal framework enabling them to coordinate their actions in the field of environmental protection and rational environmental management on the basis of common principles and standards of environmental safety. It is noted that the current legal framework in the CIS countries in the field of environmental safety regulates relations on a very wide range of issues: the implementation of economic and other activities of legal entities and individuals, the activities of government bodies and local governments, their officials, international centers and organizations on environmental safety throughout the Commonwealth and within states. The main stages of the development of a coherent legal system for ensuring environmental safety in the CIS countries are examined based on the analysis of a number of legislative acts. The transformation of the content of some concepts is traced, in particular the basic concept - “environmental safety”, which is sometimes differently understood in national and interstate documents. The research material presented by the authors makes it possible to see the genesis of the basic principles of ensuring environmental safety by the CIS countries, as well as the principles of the formation of a national policy in this area as a whole. The theses put forward by the authors are illustrated by extensive excerpts from the texts of normative legal acts regulating relations in the field of environmental safety. It is concluded that the CIS countries, forming their own system of legal support of environmental safety, have accepted the global trends in this area, which allowed them to create an effective legislative framework that meets modern challenges in the environmental sphere.

Keywords: environmental safety, basic principles of environmental safety, national policy in the field of environmental safety, legislation, the legal system for ensuring
environmental safety, environmental problems, environmental protection, environmental management, sustainable development

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