A. Istudor, G. Voicu, M. Stefan, G. Constantin, G. Muscalu
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The study presents the comparative analysis between pressure and carbon dioxide charts obtained after measuring a series of fermentation processes. Doughs used for measurements were obtained from different quality/extraction flours, type 650 and whole wheat (1850). Gathered data was used to verify a mathematical model for determination of carbon dioxide production during the fermentation process, using pressure variation in a sealed container (reactor). For the testing it was used an experimental stand composed of sealed recipient (reactor) with 6 l capacity provided with infrared temperature sensor and pressure measuring sensor, both equipped with data acquisition plate and a CO2 production measuring device. In the first part of this study the reactor calibration was performed by registering pressure variation when working without load and using different quantities of dough. In the second part of the study series of tests were performed for: pressure variation when using 650 flour type of different quality; pressure variation when using different extraction flours, type 650 and whole wheat respectively; comparative analysis of CO2 release during the aforementioned test; mathematical model development for theoretical CO2 production, using pressure variation during fermentation process and comparative analysis between theoretical and measured CO2 values. The main purpose of this study is to establish the possibility of correlation between pressure variation due to fermentation process and quantity of CO2 produced by the dough piece in certain conditions of relative humidity and temperature. Through a better understanding of the dough fermentation process, obtained results can be used for control and optimization of industrial fermentation processes.

Keywords: wheat dough, fermentation, CO2 production, pressure variation, mathematical model

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