I. Boz, N. Costica, A. Stratu
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The aim of this paper is to analyse the structural, physical and biochemical features of Prunus spinosa fruits harvested from different locations in the N-E region of Romania.
Fruits samples have been analysed through specific techniques and methods of the light microscopy. For the comparative description of the epi- and mesocarp from harvested fruits, measurements for specific parameters were made using the Minitab 18 software. Physical and biochemical parameters analysed were: the height of the fruit; the diameter of the fruit; the average of fruits fresh weight; kernel and pulp (epicarp + mesocarp) mass; total content of total soluble solids from the fruits juice; contents in water, dry matter and total mineral elements. The knowledge of the morpho-anatomy of Prunus spinosa fruits is rather poor. Our studies regarding structural features of the epicarp and mesocarp highlighted a diversity regarding thickness of cuticle, the dimensions and form of epidermal cells, the thickness of epidermal cell wall, form and dimensions of hypodermal cells and mesocarp cells. The physical and biochemical parameters presents value variations related to the fruits source location and the cluster of individuals from fruits collection location. Fruits in location 3 were noted by the lowest values for physical parameters, and those in location 4 by the highest values. It was highlighted a moderate water content and a negative correlation between the water content and the soluble solid matter content. In conclusion, we consider the fact that the specific manifestations of the indicators investigated are determined to a large extent by genotype, the degree of fruit maturation, as well as the specific climatic conditions from the fruits collection areas.

Keywords: blackthorn, histo-anatomy of fruits, physical and biochemical characteristics

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