L. Kosareva, D. Kuzina, D. Nurgaliev, P. Krylov, V. Antonenko
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


In this study we did complex investigations sediments of lake Maloe Miassovo (Chelyabinsk region, Russia). Seismic explorations allowed characterized the sedimentation mass and find the best sites for core samples collection. Four core samples collection were taken with the use of hydraulical core extractor. The maximum core length was 5.08 m. For investigations in laboratory all cores divided into samples, step of cutting is 2 cm. The magnetic properties of lake sediments were studied on the basis of magneto-mineralogical analysis. Magnetic susceptibility measurements, coercive spectrometry and thermomagnetic analysis were carried out. Show that the magnetic properties of sediments characterized conditions of environment and the lake level fluctuations. By hysteresis parameters investigation is established the presence in sediments mix single-domain, superparamagnetic, multi-domain grains. The main carrier material of magnetization is magnetite. If at the top part of section only magnetite is observe from magnetic minerals but pyrite is also present in the lower part of section. In section several intervals are allocated which characterized by various climatic conditions of sedimentation.

Keywords: lake sediment, seismic, magnetic properties, paleolimnology

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