L. Sisenis, I. Pilvere, A. Nipers, B. Jansone, O. Miezite
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The research aim is to identify the growth pace, productivity and quality of Scots pine in age classes I-IX in the forest type Callunoso-sphagnosa. Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), which occupies 35% of the total forest area, is the most significant tree species in Latvia from the forestry perspective, yet the growth pace, productivity and quality of the species in the forest type Callunoso-sphagnosa have been little researched. The forest type Callunoso-sphagnosa is rarely found in Latvia; it is poor in nutrients, with a 10-20 cm deep layer of peat, under which a calcareous soil or a layer of hardpan could be found. The forests of this type are found in the western part of Latvia along the Baltic Sea coast. The research was done in the forests managed by the JSC Latvian State Forests in the western part of Latvia, along the sea cost. The data were collected in 10 forest type Callunoso-sphagnosa areas and a sample plot for each age class was established in the centre of each area – in a place typical of this forest type. An age class interval for coniferous trees was 20 years. Every tree was measured in the sample plots to determine their dendrometric characteristics (height and diameter), quality and productivity, as well as wood increment cores were collected. The research analysed tree trunk discs acquired from less than 10-year old pines. The growth pace of totally 516 trees was analysed by means of the increment cores. The number of standing dead trees was identified in the sample plots. The research analysed not only the dendrometric characteristics and productivity of pines but also their wood value. The research found that age class I-II trees in forest type Callunoso-sphagnosa stands grew faster and the wood increments decreased with an increase in age class. In the forest stands that were not managed or managed too late, the trees grew slower and lost their viability more intensively, thereby reducing the economic value of the forest.

Keywords: Scots pine, Callunoso-sphagnosa, productivity, income.

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