P. Warzecha, B. Hilger
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The study of coagulation behaviour of bentonite clay suspensions is presented in this paper. Experimental results were obtained by investigation of several chemical and physical properties of two bentonite suspensions. The study included several measurements such as particle size distributions, chemical and phase analysis of prepared suspensions, as well as preparation of sedimentation graphs and the relationship between concentration of the suspension and turbidity. The results of this research could help in determination of critical coagulation concentration during analysis of coagulation process in cases, where bentonite clay is detected in suspension. This could be important, because source water for water treatment plants can contain various mechanical and biological impurities and it is required to remove them from potable water. For that purpose sedimentation process aided by coagulation process, which is used in order to separate most of the solid pollutants from water. It could also help during process of designing high efficiency sedimentation tanks in water treatment plants for suspensions of similar origin.

Keywords: critical coagulation concentration, turbidity, clay sedimentation, water treatment,

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