M. Buczynska, R. Wisniowski, W. Teper
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


Hydrogen is one of the alternative source of energy. Its lack of negative impact on environment, high heating value and heat of combustion make that it can be apply in industrial range. However, this is connected with storing this fuel. Huge amount of this medium can be storage in following ways: depleted gas fields, aquifer formations or leached salt caverns [1]. The hydrogen is a very problematic gas because of its physical and chemical nature. It has the smallest atomic radius in whole periodic table. It can attract the electrons of other atoms very easily which make it very reactive [3]. Moreover, hydrogen has wide explosion limit. This range is between 4- 75%. These issues are very important and when we consider sealing materials in salt caverns, this materials should distinguished by special physical and chemical properties like: chemical resistance, very low permeability, very low shrinkage and very good adhesion for casing, salt and rock mass. Prepared samples of setting materials should be seasoned into hydrogen environments. This environment have to simulate condition of hydrogen storage in salt caverns. The aim of this paper is presented apparatus for seasoning samples in hydrogen. The apparatus for seasoning in hydrogen environment should be equipped with: pressured container, hydrogen cylinder, argon cylinder, pressure gauge, valves, hydrogen detector and fume cupboard. All system should be made by special material. This material have to have hydrogen embrittlement resistance.

Keywords: hydrogen storage, salt caverns, properties of hydrogen, seasoning samples into hydrogen, hydrogen embrittlement resistance

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