Y. Filyasova, D. Makhno, A. Shubin
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The paper gives an overview of the geographical scope of petroleum reserves, mentioned in article titles from seven journals over the recent five years 2013-2018: (1) Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering; (2) Marine and Petroleum Geology; (3) Petroleum Geoscience; (4) Journal of Petroleum Geology; (5) Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources; (6) Petroleum Exploration and Development; (7) Petroleum Science. The samples included 100 titles from each journal (700 in total). According to the gained results, names of petroleum reservoirs in the focus of scientific attention were characterized by broad geographical coverage. The quantity of article titles, containing geographical places, corresponded to the amounts of petroleum reserves in those areas. The higher the resource potential, the more article titles were devoted to those petroleum resources. The following sequence of regions reflects the number of article titles, from the highest to the lowest: China (e.g. the Tarim, Sichuan, Qaidam Basins), North America (e.g. the Bakken Formation, the Barnett Shale, Scotian Basin), Europe (e.g. the Adriatic, Alpine Foreland Basins), Asia (e.g. the Song Hong, Krishna-Godavari Basins), Africa (e.g. the Tenere, West Sirte Basins), Middle East (e.g. Central Persian Gulf), Australia (e.g. the Surat basin, the Exmouth Sub-basin, the Perth Basin), Nordic Region (e.g. the North Sea, Spitsbergen), South America (e.g. the Magallanes Basin, the Eastern Oriente Basin), among others. Samples from three journals contained geographical names more than samples from the other journals, embracing the widest geographical coverage: Journal of Petroleum Geology, 95%, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 64%, and Petroleum Geoscience, 63%. Titles from the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, on the contrary, contained the lowest number of geographical names, only 7%. Chinese geographical places were prevalent in article titles from two journals: Petroleum Exploration and Development, and Petroleum Science.

Keywords: article titles, petroleum reserves, geography, sampling analysis, journals.

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