K. Yusupov, V. Kosarev, B. Nasyrtdinov, N. Zakharova, D. Kuzina
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


Special orientation during logging is a very important task, and it is essential in almost all borehole tools. For this purpose, various orientation sensors (such as accelerometers, magnetometers, and others) are usually used. During logging, the task is being complicated with increasing temperature range and device vibrations due to the movement along the borehole. Thus, this paper describes experimental results in the downhole logging of the developed digital spatial orientation module, which was integrated into the high-resolution ultrasonic imager. The spatial orientation module is based on the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and includes microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), a 3-axis digital accelerometer and three independent magnetoresistive analog magnetometers (connected to the analog-to-digital converter with the resolution of 12 bit). All of these components are recommended in the «military» temperature range. The device can save orientation data in a secure digital (SD) card with the rate of 300 Hz and calculate the azimuth and zenith of the well and the azimuth of the logging tool, which is necessary for ultrasonic images rotation and to determine the azimuth of cracks and reservoirs. The equipment test was carried out in Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia) and in TNG-Group (Bugulma, Russia) testing boreholes. The results show good agreements of ultrasonic images after restoring downhole logging imager maneuvers with the resolution of 1-2˚ when determining zenith, well and logging tool azimuths angles.

Keywords: ultrasonic imager, orientation module, azimuth, zenith, borehole.

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