K. Nikolova, I. Atanasov, E. Pencheva
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the last few years, the world of Internet communications as well the application’s requirements has changed significantly in terms of speed, quality of service, computing, storing, security, energy consumption, availability, and etc. Everything gets connected to the Internet and accessible from anywhere, anytime. The traditional networks based on distributed control and network transport protocols are not enough flexible, and are hard to be managed. To overwhelm this problem, the software defined networking (SDN) imposes a new paradigm to split the control plane from the data plane thus centralizing the network resource management. Nowadays, SDN becomes one of the most emerging and fast developing technology. In this paper, key features of SDN architecture such as network abstraction and open interfaces (Eastbound, Westbound, Northbound and Southbound) are presented and analyzed. A lot of researchers and manufacturers are involved in the process of developing a variety of solutions for these interfaces some of them already standardized. As a result, a number of SDN platforms exist. Their features are compared and some recommendations are also given. The most important feature of the SDN technology is concentrated in the control plane which defines the way how the network resources in the infrastructure layer are managed, based on the service (application) requirements. This function is accomplished by the SDN controller and its Southbound interface. OpenFlow is one of the most popular protocol that provides a standard Southbound interface for data plane resources programming. The OpenFlow as well as its alternatives are also considered in this paper. The survey and analyses of SDN technology presented might be considered as a summary and might be used to better understand SDN.

Keywords: Software defined networking, SDN controller, control plane, SDN platforms, OpenFlow

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