S. Samchenko, I. Kozlova, O. Zemskova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the production of metallurgical products, large amounts of waste are generated, which occupy significant areas and pollute the air, water and soil with toxic compounds. However, such wastes contain many valuable elements that can improve the operational properties of construction products, including lightweight cellular concrete, which will solve several problems at once: to free land, to improve the ecological situation in the area, to improve the quality of construction industry products. It is offered to use metallurgical slags in the form of suspensions stabilized by the plasticizer to improve the initial building-technical properties of astringent compositions. The studies of the properties of slag portland cement (SPT) with the addition of a stabilized suspension of ultradisperse blast-furnace granulated slag (UdGS) are given in this article. It is shown that the strength of experimental compression samples increased by 48% in the first day of hardening from 13.4 to 19.8 MPa, at the age of brand - by 34% from 52.2 to 70.0 MPa in comparison with the control sample (SPT + plasticizer), while porosity at the age of a brand decreased by 36%. When using the SPT and stabilized UdGS suspensions, non-autoclave foam concrete was obtained. The use of stabilized with plasticizer suspensions UdGS allowed to increase the strength class of foam concrete for compression from B2 (M25) to B2,5 (M35), reduce the coefficient of thermal conductivity from 0.16 to 0.14 W / (m ° C) and achieve shrinkage reduction when drying from 5 to 3 mm / m with an average density in the dry state of 500 kg / m3 compared to the control foam concrete.

Keywords: ultradisperse blast-furnace granulated slag, slag Portland cement, stabilization, plasticizer

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