D. Dobias, M. Dolezelova, S. Rehacek, J. Kolisko
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The ternary gypsum-based mortar, composed of gypsum, hydrated lime, silica fume, and standard sand was investigated. The system gypsum-lime- silica fume was prepared in order to improve the resistance of gypsum-based materials against water. The silica fume, as a pozzolan admixture, reacts with hydrated lime and forms CSH phases in the material. The method of storage has the influence on the development of material structure, its composition and properties. Therefore the samples were stored in two different environments, in the laboratory and under the water for period of 360 days. The differences in the structure of ternary mortar stored in laboratory and in water are described and the structure and composition of the materials at different times is compared. The comparison of the TG curves, based on the samples of different age was carried out. The thermal analyses confirmed that the CSH phases were formed in the material over time, while in the mortar without pozzolan no CSH phases were found.

Keywords: gypsum-based mortar, silica fume, thermal analyses, resistance against water

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