S. Rehacek, D. Dobias, J. Kolisko, M. Dolezelova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The article describes behavior of ternary gypsum-based composites, especially the changes of properties caused by the influence of moisture. The ternary mortars are composed from gypsum, hydraulic lime, different types of pozzolan and standard sand. Pozzolans in the mixture react with hydraulic lime and form CSH and CAH phases. Presence of these phases improves resistance of gypsum against the moisture. The way of samples storage affects the development of materials structure and properties of gypsum-based mortars. The basic physical, mechanical and thermal properties of samples stored in the laboratory environment and under the water are compared. The storage in the water has the greatest impact on the properties of all materials, especially on the mechanical properties. While the strength of pure gypsum mortar, stored in the water, decreased significantly and after one year in the water environment the samples were nearly destroyed, the samples with pozzolan admixtures evinced the improvement of mechanical properties, when stored in water.

Keywords: ternary gypsum-based composites, moisture, pozzolan, resistance against water, thermal analyses

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