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How to use fermentation residues is a burden on many biogas plants. Incorporation into arable land remains the most common approach, although application costs represent approximately the same benefit for fertilization, despite the risk of soil formation and the associated degradation of the soil’s ability to retain water. An alternative how to use spent dust is to re-enter into raw material of the biogas plant or a second alternative is to use dust coal as wall surfaces in the interior because of its sorption capacity that captures a broad portfolio of air pollutants.
This article focuses on further possible disposal and a convenient alternative to using biochar. There is a summary of experimental verification of thermal conductivity measurement of brick and of brick with added charred residues. Thermal conductivity is one of the physical parameters of how the substance is capable to conduct heat. Description of materials in terms of insulation properties that are important due to the energy performance of buildings is very important issue within construction industry. Samples of burnt brick and burnt bricks with added biochar were made on which several measurements have been made. It has been confirmed that biochar improves the thermal properties of the brick. Measurements have shown that burning bricks containing this substance will cause burns and thus the formation of porosities and a reduction in the bulk density of the material. Porosity reduces the specific weight of the material, increases its insulating and other abilities, such as water absorption. Bulk density is important for the characteristics of building materials not only in terms of gravity but also in relation to a number of thermo-physical values. Not only do we get rid of waste, but we also use biochar to improve the thermal and technical properties in the construction industry of the commonly used material.

Keywords: brick block, porosity, biochar

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