V. Bikse, B. Rivza, I. Lūsēna - Ezera
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The aim of this research study is to perform an analysis of the eco-innovation trends and to identify the development opportunities in Latvia. The research methodology applied for this research study involves the theoretical concepts of eco-innovation trends and collects examples of existing and emerging eco-innovative practices in Latvia. The results of the research indicated that the eco-innovation trends in Latvia led to positive results and gave an impulse to increasing economic activities. For evaluation of Latvia’s current situation of eco-innovation trends and development, different sources of literature, e.g. scholars’ articles, research papers and reports of foreign and Latvian researchers and institutions, as well as data from the database of the Eco-Innovation Observatory were used. The research findings contribute to existing research on the trends and possibilities of development of eco-innovative enterprises in Latvia and advance the present understanding of the main problems in the creation of new eco-innovative start-ups that should be linked with the growth-oriented new technology, globalization and global market with a focus on eco-innovation.

Keywords: eco-innovative trends, eco-innovation index, eco-innovation development, students

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