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8th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2008, www.sgem.org, SGEM2008 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 16-20, 2008, Vol. 2, 533-540 pp


The main objective of deposit geology is in the most precisely way to determine guess
of reserves of mineral material on the deposit. For realize of this target it is requisite to
construe geologic model of deposit, which utmost approaches to real shape of the
deposit. In case of coal deposits it is necessary to carry out regular identification and
correlation of coal seam, or more precisely their partial genetic or extractive seams. It
necessitates assembling and depicting of borehole profiles with demarcated seams and
benches and their each other spatial comparison. Hand-made correlation of seams is
very arduous and considerably non operative.

Proposed programmatic system brings significant facilitation, specification and
especially speeding-up of whole seam’s identification and correlation process. System is
based on universal deposit–database, which contains all important geologic,
topographical, technological and technical statements about the deposit. For creating of
model from data contained in deposit–database, it is inevitable foremost to evaluate
petrologic description of rocks in separate boreholes and to assign contractual values of
ash content Ad to non-analyzed sections. Together with results of chemicaltechnological
analyses stored in database system provides fast and transparent
formation and depicts profiles of borehole with marked seams in a graphic way. In
seams there are also distinguished sections which satisfy some of important criterions –
e.g. maximal average content of ash as qualitative parameter of utility condition (so–
called balanced thickness). Definitive outcome of this modeling is a possibility of
separate seams spatial model composition.

Keywords: model, coal seam, balanced thickness, deposit.

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