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This paper is an analytic research publication. Its thematic scope is the analysis of the present status of cadastral data in Poland and a proposal of creating a multipurpose cadastre. Real property cadastre in Poland, like similar systems throughout the world, is one of the most important information systems based on spatial information of a surveying and legal nature. The system has had a long tradition historically dating back to the thirteenth century. Over the centuries it was transformed and modernized many times. The specificity of the Polish cadastre can be unclear to other nations due to its complexity. In Poland the role of the real property cadastre is performed by a public register called the Land and Buildings Register. With respect to data it gathers – it does not fully satisfy global standards because it contains information regarding only the actual status of objects and subjects. In Poland legal information, supplementing cadastral information, is gathered in separate records called the Land and Mortgage Register. These institutions have a separate territorial range and are administered by two different authorities. This gives rise to numerous obstacles to integration of cadastral data in one shared system consisting of many databases. Currently, works are pending on the establishment of the Integrated Real Estate Information System which should partly solve the aforementioned problems. System analysis is an excellent tool for the synthetic and clear illustration of a data range and links between objects, subjects and rights attributed to them. In addition, the universal language of system analysis is clear to the international community of IT engineers and land surveyors, which is a positive element as far as aiming to improve the knowledge of the rules of maintaining the cadastre in Poland is concerned.

Keywords: property cadastre, system analysis, cadastral data

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