E. Cheremisina, M. Finkelstein, A. Lubimova, E. Kirpicheva
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Geoinformation system INTEGRO is intended to store and visualize geological map (scanned and vectorized), geophysical, geochemical and primary geological data, aerial and satellite images, borehole and three-dimensional data. It is also able to construct geological maps, forecast mineral resources and support studies of the deep structure of the Earth. The system is multi-window and is equipped with the synchronization mechanism in different windows for joint visual analysis of various information types. There are tools allowing user to change spatial localization (to represent the two-dimensional data, for example seismic section, as a three-dimensional objects).
There is a block that provides the operation with borehole information. One can work with geological and geophysical information on a single well or group of wells, considering them in the projection to a section or in the three-dimensional space. There is also a forecasting block which is able to process two-dimensional and three-dimensional information. The INTEGRO system includes a gravimetric and magnetometric information processing block. This block includes modules for correlation and spectral analysis, separation of the field into its components, detection of weak anomalies, and so on. The system also contains the modules designed for solving various assignment formulations of gravimetric and magnetometric direct and inverse problems as well as modules of potential fields’ analytical extension.
A technology for three-dimensional modeling of the geological medium is available. It is based on the implemented system tools. A combination of borehole data, seismic, gravity and magnetic information are used to create three-dimensional geological models.

Keywords: GIS, three-dimensional modeling, gravimetric and magnetometric information, borehole information.

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