Y. Astrakhantsev, N. Beloglazova, E. Bazhenova, A. Vdovin
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


This article presents the effectiveness of three-component geoacoustic research. It is shown by dividing vertical and lateral fluid motions, which makes it possible to reveal and research the casing, interlayer, and interlayer flows of different contents and origin in the hydrocarbon deposits.
Geoacoustic signals occur naturally in boreholes because of the dynamic processes located in the volume of near borehole space. The processes are linked with fluid motions (water, oil, gas) or cracks forming inside the rocks. The measurement of the signals in different frequency bands gives the opportunity for defining the acoustic oscillations source. The measurements of three components of the acoustic field give the information of the source location relative to the borehole axis. The basis of the method of three-component measurements of geoacoustic signals on oil and gas deposits is considered. Information is provided about the unique equipment, the method of processing, and qualitative interpretation. Thus, the use of three-component measurements of geoacoustic signals from hydrocarbon deposits makes it possible to solve a wide spectrum of problems through the control of oil and gas borehole exploration:
−revealing the fluid motion intervals for the layers-reservoirs;
−defining the character of saturation of the layers-reservoirs;
−defining the casing flows in cases where the interpretation of standard thermal datais not unique;
−revealing and detailing the locations of borehole leaks (together with the thermaldata).

Keywords: oil, gas, borehole research, geoacoustic signals, three-componentmeasurements.

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