P. Rybar, G. Wittenberger, J. Cambal, K. Horansky
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


This paper presents a new deep drilling technology named TER-HM. It refers to the current state of the deep drilling, which describes the important elements such as drilling downforce speed drill string, refining drilling, measurement of pressure and temperature etc. We have also prepared a preliminary draft of a new system TER-HM, where we describe the principle of operation of this device. One of the key outcomes is the creation of a continuous ring of amorphous ventilated and congealing rocks around formed vertical segments, creating a continuous sheeting borehole without the need for plotting grit to the surface. As for other modes of drilling until now it was not possible. This new technology is established only hypothetically, but there are plans to introduce it into practice, since it is expected to be the leader in deep drilling. The energetic processes of disintegration of rocks were solved as system with photovoltaic power in case of the missing infrastructure, which we have solved the issue of logistical gases costs. We consider hydrogen fuel like the most suitable power which represents the development trend. Based on this, we described a control unit and also a deep drilling system using a photovoltaic system for the production of hydrogen and oxygen through the diffusion of water.

Keywords: Well-drilling, thermal digging, rock disintegration

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