D. Knez, J. Ziaja, M. Piwonska
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Due to the great interest in unconventional deposits, the aim of the current study has become identifying the target zones that the hydraulic fracturing treatment becomes the most efficient. The success of hydraulic fracturing depends on many factors. One of them is determining if the assumed fracture geometry is the same as created in hydraulic fracturing treatment as well as the appropriate selection sectors to be fractured. A great influence on fracture propagation and geometry predictions have rock elastic parameters. Particularly unconventional reservoirs with strong heterogeneity and anisotropy show considerable variability in mechanical properties. Therefore, accurate identification of reservoir rock characteristics is a key factor for proper hydraulic fracturing design. The article purpose is to identify the most susceptible places to stimulate in unconventional reservoirs, taking into consideration three parameters: Young`s modulus, Poisson`s ratio and formation permeability. The paper presents the computer simulation results of the above mentioned parameters influence on the fracture geometry and the hydraulic fracturing treatment effectiveness in low permeable gas deposits. Depending on the rock permeability value, the elastic parameters influence on the preferable intervals prediction is more important as the formation permeability decreases
Keywords: hydraulic fracturing, geomechanics, computer simulation

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