A.Sekisov, A. Rasskazova, P. Korpi, T. Konareva, M. Rasskazov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The porphyry copper Malmyzh deposit is situated in the Russian Federation (Khabarovskiy kray). An oxidized ore sample from Malmyzh deposit with 0.8 ppm gold content was obtained and research of gold leaching of gold from oxidized gold-copper ore was carried out. Starved cyanide concentration solution and extended concentration cyanic solutions were tested. Results were compared with non-cyanic lixiviants. Sodium bicarbonate and chloride leach solution were activated with electrolysis and UV-radiation. Theoretical aspects of formation of active oxidizers as a result of electro and photo-activation are stated in the article. Sulfuric acid was applied for the sulphatization and formation of a Fe2(SО4)3 surface layer. Surface passivation of iron reduces the detrimental precipitation of gold-containing complexes. Six different reagent regimes were tested. Several sat of leaching (bottle roll) were conducted for each experiment. Filtrate was analyzed for gold by using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS Shimadzy AA-7000). NaCN (0.7 %) and sulfate-chloride lixiviants demonstrate best results and provide for 93 % gold recovery. Low-concentrated NaCN solution (0.05 %) provide for 65 % gold recovery, similar to the direct chloride leaching results (64 % gold recovery). Equal results are demonstrated by cyanide-carbonate schemes with sulfate (80 % gold recovery) and ammonium hydrate (81 % gold recovery) addition. The results of the present research demonstrate that combined sulfate-chloride leaching of low-grade oxidized copper-gold ore can be technologically viable.

Keywords: gold-copper recovery methods, Malmyzh deposit, photo-electro activated leaching, cyanide, sulfuric-carbonate preparation.

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