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High level of mining in Polish copper mines, in the Legnica-Glogow Copper Belt (LGOM), caused an increasing amount of mining works to be carried out in difficult geological and mining conditions, for instance in the vicinity of remnants. Issues related to performing mining operations with the use of the room and pillar mining system in the vicinity of remnants is important in terms of work safety. Remnants are sites of the concentration of high stress values and may affect rock layers of the rock mass located in the roof and in the floor. Remnants can cause seismic events, for example pillar bursts. In-situ mine observations and previous analysis indicate that the behaviour of ore remnants located in the mining fields depends among others on their geology, mostly on the types of rocks from which remnants are built and their geomechanical parameters. This article presents the results of the numerical modelling of the influence of remnant geology on its behaviour in the mining field for room and pillar mining system. The numerical analyses were conducted for the geological and mining conditions characteristic of Polish underground copper mines in the LGOM. Numerical simulations were performed in a plane strain state by means of Phase 2 v. 8.0 software, based on the finite element method. The behaviour of the remnant and of the rock mass in its vicinity was simulated in the subsequent steps of the room and pillar mining system. Three cases of remnant geology were analysed: sandstone remnant, dolomite remnant, sandstone-dolomite remnant. The parameters of the rock mass accepted for numerical modelling were calculated on the basis of the Hoek-Brown classification. The Mohr-Coulomb strength criterion was applied to judge the stability of the remnant.

Keywords: remnant stability, numerical modelling, underground copper mining, geology of remnant

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