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Introducing new technical solutions into practice is inseparably connected with a number of problems. In addition to obvious concerns about the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the solution, there are also social problems. They are related to distrust of employees regarding new solutions and is caused by a limited knowledge about the introduced product which is related to employees’ concerns that such a product may disturb the existing state of balance. Therefore, in the case of introducing a new solution, especially in the mining industry, it is necessary to properly understand the current state in the target group and proper marketing preparation. The article presents the results of questionnaire form aimed at determining the state of knowledge of mine employees and district-related enterprises regarding the control systems of the powered rood support and the degree of their readiness to introduce a new solution. The research was carried out among a group of people who deal directly with the use of the roof support, its maintenance and repairs. The respondents were asked to assess currently used control systems, indicate weak and strong aspects and determine if it is reasonable to introduce a new control system. The questions also concerned the requirements regarding the user interface, the aesthetics of the new system, its location and safety functions. The answers of the respondents regarding the reliability and functionality of currently used (mainly manual) control systems for powered roof supports are of significant importance. Obtained results clearly indicate that the majority of mine employees and service enterprises critically evaluate currently used control systems. On the other hand, they are positive about the proposal to introduce new innovative solutions. The condition for the successful implementation of such a solution, according to the respondents, is its simplicity, reliability and resistance to external damage. It was also emphasized that currently used systems do not provide an adequate level of safety and are difficult to apply in case of intensive coal mining. The obtained results are very promising and create a great opportunity for a positive adoption of a new powered roof control system that the Authors intend to apply.

Keywords: control system, powered support, controller, functionality, safety, ergonomics.

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