P. Hruby, T. Nahlik, D. Smetanova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Influences of earthquakes on nuclear power plants and their parts are studied in frame of nuclear safety. In the past, the authors have dealt with the effects of earthquakes and vibrations in the primary circuit. However, it cannot be omitted that the seismic influences can show up also on the secondary circuit. Turbines installed in secondary circuits of nuclear power plants are big and heavy machines. For example the turbine installed in JETE (Temelín Nuclear Power Station – Czech Republic) generates 1003MWe. It was made by Škoda Energo Company and it is the one of the biggest machines which rotates with 3000rpm (50Hz). Even the weight of the device itself causes the deformation on the rotor. Moreover, turbine rotors are very sensitive to lateral oscillations. These oscillations can be excited by the movement of the bearing, which is caused by the motion of the subsoil, due to seismicity. The paper introduces a mathematical model that describes the effects of lateral oscillations on the turbine rotor deformation. We present the method of calculation of dynamic deformation. One of the methods which can be used for calculation is the transfer matrix method. This model can be applied not only to nuclear power plants but generally to any large turbine rotor.

Keywords: Nuclear power plant, turbine rotor, deformation, oscillations, earthquake

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