N.I. Vlasin, E. Ghicioi, G. D. Florea, Z. Vass, E. Chiuzan
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Methane gas, one of the underground mine atmosphere, is the main hazard for the workers in this field. The risk of occurrence of an explosive atmosphere and the consequences are different from one mine to another, based on the mine type, its configuration, the extracted coal and the probability of the methane and coal dust occurrence. With every prevention measure taken, the potential risk of an explosion cannot be excluded from the firedamp mines, just reduced as much as possible. The controlled researches regarding the gas mixtures explosions are not a novelty in the field. However, the modern recording methods with high speed cameras combined with Schlieren techniques for density gradients visualization bring extra information. This paper purpose the recording of ga explosions in a transparent media, with the help of two high speed camera, using both Schlieren and conventional techniques. The results obtained by overlaying the recording are aiming the flame front in different situations.

Keywords: gas explosion, Schlieren technique, high speed imagery, explosion stand

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