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At present, we have a number of legal provisions in the Czech Republic that give miners the responsibility to make economic use of mineral deposits. The main one is Upper low No. 44/1988 Sb. on the Protection and Use of Mineral Resources, referred to as the Upper Law, there are also laws, decrees and government orders that are closely related to or follow the Upper Act or impose further expansion obligations for the economical exploitation of mineral resources in our country. Despite a number of existing legal provisions in the Czech Republic, we have some gaps in the area of economical use and this article aims to provide new proposals for improving and even more economically exploiting our mineral resources, so that mineral deposits can be used as economically as possible. These are above all the economic principles and principles that the current legislation of the Czech Republic in the field of mining deals only marginally. The interconnection of economy and mining is essential and it is therefore necessary to formulate the economic principles for the more economical exploitation of mineral resources. The output of this article is the new draft principles for the more economical exploitation of mineral resources in the Czech Republic, which can complement the current legislation.

Keywords: mineral resources, legal provisions, economical, legislation, principles

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