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The conveyor belt as the composite is made of different materials to ensure its required mechanical properties that correspond to the handling characteristics of the transported material. The basic elements of the composite structures are top and bottom cover layer from rubber and carcass with fabric plies. The composite structure - the number and type of fabric plies, the type and thickness of cover layers or the bumpers is designed according to the specific mining conditions. The bumper is designed to absorb the dynamic impact. A combination of the multiple plies is not unusual for conveyor belts with textile carcass. Tensile properties of the conveyor belt are the most important for mining operations. Tensile properties of the conveyor belt depend on the carcass material type and a great influence on these properties have a fabric plies type in the lengthwise direction (in warp) and in transverse direction (in woof) of a textile carcass because of that all type of tensile stress transmit carcass.
This paper presents the experimental results of tensile properties of rubber-textile composites, depending on the type of carcass. Experimental tests were carried out using a testing machine of the Zwick Roell Z 100 type. Type A testing specimens were prepared as specified in standard STN EN ISO 286. Experimental material is conveyor belts with polyamide and combined polyamide-polyester reinforcement material. The results of the experiments are compared with the required tensile properties of the testing conveyor belts. Laboratory research determined mechanical properties of the conveyor belts pursuant to standard STN 26 0370. Laboratory research has confirmed that all tested conveyor belts have met the required tensile limits. At the same time, it confirmed the impact of different types of carcass and number of fabric plies on tensile properties of the conveyor belts.

Keywords: conveyor belt, carcass, tensile properties

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