M. Derbin, V. Seryodkina, J. Shchepelina, E. Sedakov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The study of issues related to the cost of production of biofuel deals with most modern countries. The cost of fuel is one of the most important indicators in the production of various types of energy. The cost of production of biofuels from wood is affected by many factors. Constant components of the cost of production of fuel chips are the collection, removal and shredding and loading of wood chips into motor vehicles, which are 500 rubles/m3. Transporting and unloading chips in the consumer is a variable component of the cost of fuel, they depend on the distance traveled by the top-liv. When the customer is at a distance of 145 km, the cost of wood chips increases two times as far from the loading point and amounts to 1000 rubles/m3. Boiler plants on chips have a fairly low cost, even at large removal distances. In the Arkhangelsk region, many populated areas are located far from the transport routes of hydrocarbon fuels, but near logging enterprises. Boiler equipment in such populated areas with a relatively low cost of heat energy from the consumer can pay back much faster. The Arkhangelsk region has significant forest resources. The total area of the forest fund is 29.8 million hectares. The timber industry complex of the Arkhangelsk region is the largest in the North-West Federal District. The annual volume of logging and processing of wood has remained constant for many years and does not exceed 12 million m3. Due to long-term, long-term exploitation, nearby forest tracts are depleted. In the direction of displacement of the logging center there is no necessary infrastructure. The timber processing complex in the Arkhangelsk region requires renovation, modernization and investment. At the moment, the forest complex of the Arkhangelsk region is developing a new direction for itself - bioenergy. Part of the biomass (mainly bark and sawdust) is already used as fuel for the boiler plants of the forestry complex. With the existing volumes of billet Arkhangelsk region potentially has about 10 million m3 of wood waste, whose potential energy volume is 22.8 Pa.

Keywords: chipwood, efficiency, forestry, boiler

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