A. Obshta, T. Bubela, M. Ruda, R. Kochan
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The structure of the complex index of viability of CPE is proposed: the complex index of the viability of CPE is a vector whose components are partial indexes of CPE: the index of the condition of CPE; the index of structural varieties of CPE; the equivalent level of noise in CPE due to the movement of transport on the railway lines; concentration of metal salts in CPE; the level of radiation. It is proposed to investigate CPE with the help of a compartmental analysis, in this case, the degree of controllability and observability of CPE using the system of block-compartments depends, primarily, on the selected optimization criteria. The system of criteria and subcriteria detects a target of any block in the system of models and main strategic criteria through which the ultimate goal of the management process is achieved. The proposed approach takes into consideration the properties of natural complexes: multiplicity, stability, commutativity, additivity, invariance, and also multifactorial correlation of the components of nature. The general algorithm for the use of the defined indicators combines the establishment and assessment of the relevant factors of CPE by means of direct or indirect determination of the quantitative indicators, as well as the creation of a spatial basis based on the multispectral data for assessing the impact of the railway facilities on the state of the Environment.

Keywords: consortive protective ecotones, protective forest plantations, modeling of plantation growth, cyberphysical system, ecological regulation, multicriteria estimation

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