C. Constandache, L. Dinca, L. Popovici, C. Braga, T. Blaga
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The climatic changes effects manifested through extreme meteorological phenomena (wind, temperatures, precipitations) are highly affecting forest vegetation. A rare meteorological phenomenon (freezing rain), associated with an intense wind was encountered in 2015 towards the end of the vegetation season (October, while the leaves had not fallen yet). This phenomenon has caused important damages in the common beech stands located in Romania’s Sub Carpathians. The present paper presents the results of investigations regarding the effects of damages on forest common beech and mixture common beech-oak ecosystems from Magura Odobesti area, where a large part of them were significantly damaged (breaches, windfalls etc.) The investigations consisted of evaluating the state, structure and quality of stands, as well as remaining trees, seedling and other specific elements. The stand’s physiological weakness up to its total damage due to the above mentioned phenomena reverberates in the stand’s structure, whose population decreases. This aspect negatively influences the forest’s functional role. Furthermore, the quality of the remaining trees is significantly reduced, while their crown is rarefied together with the health state, fructification and natural regeneration capacities. Even though the freezing rain phenomenon was not known in Romania until now, an intensive attention was accorded to it by investigations realized in recent years. This fact is caused by the phenomenon’s intensity and manifestation from the last years, but especially due to its negative effects on forest ecosystems. The main interest resides in finding the adequate technical solutions for the ecological rebuilding/reconstruction of the affected ecosystems.

Keywords: climatic changes, freezing rain, damages, forest ecosystems, ecological reconstruction

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