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Forest is the main resource of Latvia. Forests occupy 52% of the total land area of Latvia. Since ancient times forest has provided humans with basic necessities, yet over the course of time the role of forest has changed. Nowadays lumber production plays the primary role, while gathering the other forest products represent forest sub-uses. The research aim is to analyse the production of non-wood forest products in Latvia from various perspectives. The research employed the following methods: monographic and graphic as well as analysis, synthesis, interviewing, statistical analysis and logical construction. In Latvia, non-wood forest products are a public resource, as they may be gathered by any natural person within the limits set for forests and specially protected areas. In Latvia, no registration and permits from government institutions are required if gathering non-wood forest products in small quantities. A small number of micro-enterprises with less than 5-year experience are engaged in the business of gathering non-wood forest products in Latvia. In the period 2011-2017, Latvia annually exported, on average, 1509.2 tonnes of forest berries worth EUR 3.3 million and 217.6 forest mushrooms worth EUR 0.6 million. The contribution of exports of forest berries and mushrooms to the total exports of Latvia is insignificant. The key markets for the exports of wild mushrooms are the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. Wild berries are also mainly exported to the other Baltic States. In 2017, more than 2 000 tonnes of wild berries and 197 tonnes of mushrooms were collected for commercial purposes, while for self-consumption – approximately 13 900 tonnes of berries and 1 320 tonnes of mushrooms.

Keywords: non-wood forest products, production, legal framework, exports

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