C. Boanta, I. Gherghe, C. Tomescu, R. Dragoescu, I. V. Nalboc
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The problem of industrial ventilation has emerged as a result of the serious pollution problems that arise both in the industrial and industrial environments. Before addressing an industrial ventilation study, the question should be raised whether there is no simpler means of reducing or eliminating the causes of pollution or of reducing pollution by modifying the production process or the design and construction of the actual ventilation system.
Verification of ventilation facilities has a strong preventive role in the risk of explosion mainly due to the fact that of the three elements that may lead to an explosion phenomenon, ventilation systems can provide fuel (gases, vapors, dusts / dusts, mists) and source of initiation (hot surface, flame, sparks of mechanical origin, sparks, static electricity, etc.).
Given the importance and complexity of calculating the functional parameters of industrial ventilation installations, the consequences that could result from faulty determinations of nominal and functional parameters, it is necessary to produce software for establishing the parameters specific to industrial ventilation installations. The paper presents details regarding the implementation of new software for setting the parameters specific to industrial ventilation installations.

Keywords: industrial ventilation, system, software, parameters

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