K. Krauze, L. Boloz
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Last years, considerable interest has been observed in the methods of mechanical mining of difficult mining rocks, especially those with high silica content such as copper ores. However, such rocks are also found in hard coal mines and other metal ores as well as in tunnels drilling. Mechanical mining allows for a complete mechanisation of the exploitation of deposits and elimination of mining method which uses explosive materials. Nowadays, conical picks or disc tools are most often used for the mechanical mining of compact rocks. Regardless of the tools used, there are usually barriers that make rock mining economically unreasonable. The limitations of the methods used so far for machining with cutting tools make it necessary to perform a number of empirical tests in order to select cutting tools for difficult or even extreme working conditions. Moreover, in addition to a single tool, a mining unit is important. First of all, the arrangement of tools on its surface and its kinematic parameters. The purpose of the research described in this article was to determine the possibilities of effective excavation of difficult to mine dolomite and sandstone rocks using unit equipped with symmetrical and asymmetrical disc tools. The discs used were developed as part of studies on difficult in mining rocks using single tools, where disc tools and conical picks differing in design, geometry, mounting method, applied materials and coatings, heat and chemical treatment, as well as with various kinematic parameters and cutting pitch were tested. As a result, a disc unit was developed to allow the extraction of copper ore deposits and other abrasive rocks with a longwall system.

Keywords: mining of rocks difficult in mining, disc tools, conical pick, disc unit, copper ore mining,

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