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The belt conveyance plays an important role in mining, bulk material transportation, raw materials processing, and in many other areas (e.g., metallurgy, wood-cutting, and energetics) where large quantities are transported over the distances ranging from a few meters to several kilometres. A conveyor belt, as the basic element of the mining transport, is of particular economic significance. Increasing the belt service life, which can be achieved by reducing the wear of conveyor belts, has a high priority. The top cover layer is in the area of interest because it is tribologically the most stressed part of the belt. Ageing is a very important factor determining the abrasive properties of rubber in conveyor belts.
The present paper deals with the testing of cover layers of fabric conveyor belts. The purpose of the paper is the determination of the abrasion resistance and the hardness of cover layers and the identification of changes thereto caused by natural ageing. The hardness was determined by the Shore method, the abrasion resistance according to the ISO 4649 standard for two methods: non-rotatable (method A) and rotatable test pieces (method B). The testing was carried out with the rubber cover layers of the same conveyor belt type and the effect of natural ageing on the abrasion resistance of the rubber was studied. The average values of the relative volume loss and the abrasion resistance index (ARI) of rubbers were determined. Mathematical dependencies were observed between the abrasion resistance characteristics and the Shore hardness.

Keywords: rubber, abrasion, hardness

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