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In this study, the environmental impacts of blasting activities carried out for excavation of a building foundation close to a nearby building were investigated. The study was performed due to the complaints and request of the residents. Before blasting activities (shots), the residents, the investor and the blaster were informed about the environmental effects of blasting, regulations and the measures if an adverse effect occurs. In this scope, 7 shots were accompanied and blast-induced parameters were monitored. Among these parameters, especially the peak particle velocities (PPVs) and air-overpressure values (AOPs) were environmentally examined based on the complaints. PPVs were evaluated according to The Turkish Environmental Noise Regulation (TTENR) related to blast induced vibrations. PPVs were seen to be within the safe limits suggested by TTENR. Blast-induced AOPs were assessed in accordance with the threshold limit of 133 dB suggested by U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM). AOPs were found to be lower than the suggested limit value of USBM. During the shots, humans expressed that such PPVs and AOPs were relatively acceptable. This study showed that parties related to shots should be informed and required precautions should be taken before shots are begun. This study also revealed that there is a need for a revision in TTENR in terms of air-overpressure/noise derived from shots.

Keywords: Blast-induced peak particle velocity, air-overpressure, nearby buildings

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