D. Szurgacz, J. Brodny
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Work safety in hard coal mines is implemented based on Geological and Mining Law. It imposes an obligation on the entrepreneur to identify hazards related to activities of the mine and to undertake actions aimed at preventing and removing these threats and hazards. The owner is required to assess the risk and propose solutions necessary to minimize it. These activities must cover all activities performed during the production process and the operation of all types of equipment, including mining machines. The most important mining machine responsible for safety in the operating area is a powered roof support. One of its tasks is to secure the path zone for employees. Any disturbance or damage of this zone, usually caused by the rock mass, is a serious threat to the crew. One of the most significant aspects impacting on to level of safety is the construction of the support unit and the control system, which must have an appropriate level of safety. Adequate system safety features are designed to meet these needs. The determination of such functions, based on a risk analysis, is crucial for the correct use of the control system and the entire unit. The parameters must take into account the machine’s functions, hazards, misuse and malfunctions. The article presents an example of risk analysis related to the operation of a powered roof support.
The article mainly focuses on determining the level of safety assurance for an innovative control system for powered roof supports. The method of risk assessment for new machines introduced into the market as well as the procedure for ensuring the required level of security are present by the Authors. They believe that the presented issues are of key importance to ensure safety in the process of hard coal mining.

Keywords: risk analysis, safety functions, risk elements, response time, control system.

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