A. Glebov, S. Karpushkin, E. Malygin, V. Mokrozub, P. Alekhin
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The proportional-integral-differential (PID) law is often used to control the induction
heating process. Mathematical modeling of induction heating in a three-dimensional
formulation is associated with high costs of machine time to solve the electromagnetic
field equations. The need to recalculate the heat dissipation field due to changing the
power of the inductors at a small sampling period of PID controller leads to an
excessive amount of calculations. Two methods of calculation of temperature fields of
induction heating devices in the mode of automatic PID temperature control were
suggested. They allow reducing the cost of machine time significantly while ensuring
acceptable accuracy. The first method provides for a consistent electromagnetic and
thermal analysis with the "scaling" of heat emissions from eddy currents at the control
stage. At insufficiency of computing resources it is recommended to use the second
technique which includes only thermal model at the assumption of uniform allocation of
heat in the field of inductors and is applicable only at placement of inductors in the
heated bodies.

Keywords: magnetization curve, ferromagnetic materials, eddy currents, finite-element

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