T. A. Hraniciuc, P. Cercel
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The effects of global warming are becoming more and more felt by changing climatic conditions across the entire surface of the earth. Thus, in some regions of the Earth’s surface, catastrophic floods have begun to occur more and more often due to the increase in both the occurrence frequency and the intensity of torrential rains. In order to reduce the flood damage, it is necessary to prepare hazard maps and flood risk maps. These maps are prepared using hydraulic simulation of the flood propagation on the watercourses, for different calculation probabilities, according to the requirements of the European Union. It can be used as such, hydraulic modeling or coupled hydrological and hydraulic modeling. This paper shows the necessary steps to create synthetic floods with different calculation probabilities using the 1D Mike 11 modeling program. These synthetic floods will be created using coupled modeling based on the rain of the same calculation probability. Basically, in order to obtain the synthetic floods by coupled modeling, which must coincide with the floods provided by the water management organisms, we must scatter the rainfall with the same calculation probabilities and discard it as production time depending on the number of hydrographic sub-basins. For satisfactory results, there must be differences between the maximum flows, respectively the volumes of the floods, the modeled ones and those provided by a maximum of 10%.

Keywords: synthetic floods, risk maps, hazard maps, hydrological modeling, hydraulic modeling

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