A. Ilinykh, O. Naschetnikova, E. Migalatiy
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Changes of environmental situation such as pollution of the atmosphere, surface water and ground water quality deterioration require measures to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on the environment. As such, the problem is the inability of some treatment facilities to provide a quality of treatment that meets the requirements of modern environmental standards. This leads to a decrease in water quality and eutrophication of water bodies. The goal of this article is choice of biochemical treatment method of domestic wastewater for the reconstruction of treatment plants that will ensure quality of quality in accordance with the norms of environmental legislation. In this review, we summarized information on the methods of reconstructing treatment facilities in order to facilitate the choice of purification technology during reconstruction. According to a systematic review of the literature, the use of membrane bioreactors (MBR) allows to achieve a high degree of purification. However, membrane fouling remains the most difficult problem in MBR technology. From the review of literature sources it follows that the use of hybrids technologies (activated sludge and biofilm) in the membrane bioreactor provides a membrane fouling reduction. The hybrid systems are able to provide a high degree of cleaning from organic matter, and nutrients, therefore they are one of the best option for reconstructing facilities that have been designed to only remove carbon contaminants. In general, this literature review not only demonstrates the current problems of reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants, and research needs for scientists working in the field of MBR technologies, but it can also provide more useful recommendations for the selection of cleaning technology in the reconstruction of buildings.

Keywords: reconstruction, wastewater treatment plant, membrane bioreactors, MBR

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