M. Pisleaga, C. Badaluta – Minda, G. Eles, D. Popescu, C. Stefanescu
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Water can be found everywhere and plays an important role in human life and equilibrium of the environment. The agriculture, industry and urbanization have had and have a special impact on the biodiversity and water necessity. To establish the line at which a pressure is considered significant, meaning if due to this pressure the surface water do not reach ‘good status’ it will be made an analysis of pressure and impact on the recommendation of the Water Framework Directive and national methodologies, but taking into consideration the local conditions.
Designing a pressure as a significant one, can be made on the base of knowledge of all the pressures of a basin, but also of understanding the flow regime, the transfer of chemical elements and the functioning of specific aquatic ecosystems.
Therefore, it has to be established also the impact of a certain pressure on the water system. Overlapping the information regarding on the existent pressures with the ones referring to the characteristics of the basin we can get to identify the significant pressures.
Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EEC presents the limits beyond the pressures can be called significant, and the substances and groups of substances that should be considered as indicators.

Keywords: the river area, the pressures, the water body, the diffuse pollution

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