G. Bogdanovska, J. Kacur, P. Flegner, M. Durdan
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The customer expects the quality and reliability of purchased devices. Every defect on the device causes loss of brand confidence and customer dissatisfaction. Customer satisfaction is, however, the best indicator of how likely customers will continue to buy in the future. If an organization wants to maintain a customer, it must be customer-oriented. The company has decided to improve the quality and reliability of its products. This can also help to increase the number of satisfied customers and gain competitive advantage. The question is: How can I do this? How to improve air conditioning quality? The company has decided that the defect analysis will be a prerequisite for improvement. Data obtained from authorized service and authorized technicians. Subsequently, the data is processed as described in this article. The recorded number of defects was grouped by several ways. For analyze of problem were used various methods of quality management, such as Histogram, Pareto Chart and Lorenz Curve. Analysis has shown that the most problematic component is compressor. By designing and implementing corrective actions, the company has been able to improve the quality and reliability of air conditioning.

Keywords: air conditioner, Pareto analysis and Lorenzo curve, defect,

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