A. Tarnik
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World is changing rapidly. We are facing new reality and challenges. New global and complex solutions are needed to adapt to future reality. Tasks about landscape are coming to the forward more and more. It is necessary to speak about role of landscape in our life. Many points of view need to take into account when we want to speak about landscape and changes which are waiting for us in next decades. Question for researchers is how to obtain the best data for the best suggestions and recommendations for policy makers. We have to think about ecology, environment, spatial planning, land use changes, climate changes, agricultural practice and many more when we want to find answers.
We need to have wide range of monitoring and measurements to collect data about various indicators. We have to monitor soil properties, meteorological conditions and soil water regime, especially. These parameters often influence another spheres of landscape, mainly agriculture. This paper deals with landscape, practical side of landscape indicators monitoring. Integrated system of monitoring of the main fields of nature is shown in this paper at case study of the Nitra river catchment. We focused on soil properties, soil water regime and meteorology parameters monitoring. The whole system of collecting, processing, analyzing and interpreting of collected data is introduced in this paper.

Keywords: monitoring, spatial planning, climate change, soil moisture, HYDRUS

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