M. Musil, B. Tesarova, E. Pecharova, I. Simova, L. Pechar
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In the area of the Erzgebirge Foothills (Krusne hory), research of flooded mine pits in terms of water regime and quality as well as their management and subsequent use has attracted great attention in recent years. Smaller water reservoirs (ponds, wetlands, dips, sinks) have not been systematically monitored, despite of their importance in this type of landscape which has been affected by mining.
The Modlany reservoir was monitored in 2013–2017. This small water body shows symptoms of an extremely eutrophicated site. Surplus of nutrients, especially of phosphorus, stimulates the development of enormous biomass of phytoplankton (cyanobacteria and algae). The development of phytoplankton has a decisive influence on deterioration water quality.
The concentrations of total suspend solids, organic matter (DOC) as well as total phosphorus have repeatedly exceeded the environmental standards.
Such conditions in the reservoir represent serious environmental risks like oxygen depletion, and cyanobacterial toxicity. Ratio between chlorophyll concentration and available inorganic phosphorus in water shows on excess of phosphorus. Even in massive water bloom the phosphorus is not exhausted. It means a serious risk that the Modlany reservoir may face a more intense water bloom of cyanobacteria associated with fish-kill.
Municipal pollution is identified as a significant source of nutrients. Nutrients were accumulated for long periods in sediments, which are simultaneously enriched with organic matter from plankton production in the reservoir. Nutrients supply from the catchment and leaching of nutrients from sediments represent sufficient resources for phytoplankton growth throughout the year.
Restoration of the Modlany reservoir will request detailed catchment information, detection of all sources of pollution and their elimination. Remediation in the catchment should continue with the measures in the water body, sediment removal and fishstock manipulation

Keywords: eutrophication, water blooms, sediments, environmental hazards, fish kill

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