V. Boboc, G. C. Sarbu, N. Marcoie, D. Toma
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The safety of hydrotechnical structures is a very important element that must enter the concerns of designers and society in general, given the fact that these are important works , with large investments. In the case of their distruction due to accidents, other activities from the area, the settlements and human lives may be strongly affected. These accidents are called hydrological hazards. [9]
Breaking earth dams accidents do not occur suddenly but almost always there are signs of danger that would allow preliminary measures to limit or even avoid disasters. One of these measures may be modeling the failure of a dam, which can be addressed in different ways, including: the development of a breach at the crest level after recording the situation of the discharge of the dam, or the failure of an appliance, disposed in the dam body, followed by the development of a breach in the dam body.
In the case of a breach development in the dam body, after recording the discharghe of the dam or the failure of an appliance, the dam behavior must be addressed by specifying the breach slope at the initial moment and at the final one. The breach evolution in time is calculated from the moment it begins to develop. The description of the breach development can be made using Engelund-Hansen equations, which analyze sediment transport driven from the dam through the breach. The development of the breach can be specified as evolving over time or can be calculated based on sediment transport capacity in the gap formed. [7]

Keywords: flood, earth dam, modelling, risk, breach

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