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New date for the 20th SGEM Annual GeoConference

In view of COVID-19 world pandemic situation and its last decreasing phase, SGEM International Scientific and Organizing Committee are announcing today the new period of the 20th International Scientific GeoConference. SGEM 2020 is rescheduled for 16-25 August, Albena Co.

This has been a difficult decision, but necessary to ensure the health and safety of our attendees, as well as the quality of the event. SGEM scientific community is our number one priority and in this regard we are keeping in close contact with health authorities in the Bulgaria and monitoring advice from the WHO.

As you know, the epidemic reflections in Bulgaria and the whole region are minimal. Happily, most of the EU countries are starting to remove step by step the safety measures. All airline companies offer the option of changing dates, without additional charges, as part of the recovery world plan. The summer touristic season in Bulgaria will start in the beginning of July and by then it is expected all services and facilities regarding travel, flights, bookings etc. to be renewed and back to normal.
That gives us the confidence that in August the whole country and especially the Albena resort will be safe and sure for all its guests, with normal day-work, touristic services, regular summer-schedule flights and full entertainment facilities.

This postponement, while unfortunate, gives us the opportunity to pursue an even higher quality in our plenary programme, workshops and extended activities. We warmly invite you to join us in August for a fantastic anniversary event, which will be hosted again in the charming Paradise Blue Congress Center, on a few steps from the Black sea beach. We are fortunate that these new event's dates could be confirmed at the same venue.
We are working as speedily as possible on the impact of the new date and the implications for the planned programme. Even so, this may take time to clarify some program details and we trust everyone will bear with us while we confirm the details. We are committed to providing information as soon as it is available and will be making regular contact with all participants via direct emailing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are confident that intending participants, speakers, lecturers and delegates will understand the reasons for this decision and sincerely hope all those involved will be able to join us in August.

If already registered, your registration will remain fully valid for the new dates. Those of you who have already booked hotels, please re-book the time of your staying online via the conference web site or write us an email with the new preferred by you dates.

For those colleagues, who still feel discomfort and have doubts of joining the conference, we are ready to make another compliment and extend the deadlines for registration, abstract submissions, payment etc. (including the Early bird registration). /New Dates & Deadlines/

We are also ready to go one step further and provide all participants, registered now as Virtual Participants, the opportunity to change their type of participation to a Lecturer type and join us in person for this upcoming anniversary event.

At this stage we appreciate your forbearance while we devote our energies to providing members, participants and delegates with an outstanding anniversary event in August

In the meantime, we sincerely wish that everyone can stay safe and healthy.
We look forward to seeing you in sunny Albena this August.

4th of May, 2020

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Let's Celebrate the 20th SGEM Anniversary together!

Join us this summer to celebrate together the 20th Anniversary of the International Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2020

Prepare yourself for this great holiday and let's share the emotions of all the victories of the SGEM Scientific Family!

20-Year journey in SCIENCE!
Thousands of professional researches,
innovations and even more friends!
Thank you!

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Bulgaria is steadily going out of the Covid-19 crisis

The safety and wellbeing of all the participants have always been one of the most important factors when organizing SGEM conferences. Since the beginning, we are following closely the situation with Covid-19 and have been taking all necessary measures in order to provide the best possible conference experience during this summer, without making any compromise with the security and health of all scientists, who are going to join us.

We are glad to announce, that Bulgaria is steadily going out of the Covid-19 crisis. The situation there is now completely calm. The amount of new cases has been constantly decreasing and is now close to zero on a daily basis. The government officially allowed the opening of all public spaces, including hotels, congress centers, restaurants and beaches and the summer tourist season already started with the first tourists arriving on the Bulgarian seaside in Albena. 

Bulgaria has been recognized as the safest country in Europe for travelling this summer and we will be very glad to welcome you to share your knowledge with all other top world scientists, who already confirmed their participation and enjoy the recreational opportunities Albena gives you.

Come and indulge yourselves in this scientific experience. Enjoy the endless calm of the Black sea.

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 20 July, 2020 Deadlines prolonged


You still have more time to prepare an abstract and join the event!

Until the 20 of July, 2020 you can register yourselves at Early-bird fees and submit your abstract research!

Hurry up and complete the online registration form now!

We are eager welcome you. Come and share your knowledge with all other top world scientists, who already confirmed their participation and exchange experience with peers.

Come and indulge yourselves in this scientific experience!

/NEW Dates & Deadlines/

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