Workshop Sessions

During the 20th International Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2020, a three-day workshop session, which will allow both live and web-based interaction, will be held.

Decision Support for Water-Resource Management

Conveyor: Prof. Rodney Stevens, University Gothenburg, Department of Earth Sciences, Sweden

Days: to be announced in addition

This workshop has four goals:
  • 1) to summarize methodology used in the web-based summer school on “Water Management and Decision-Support Modeling” that will held in June (see separate information);
  • 2) to present and discuss results from the summer-school participants dealing with water-management issues in various settings;
  • 3) to include the perspectives of various stakeholders using applied examples and a panel discussion, and
  • 4) to help participants, both live and web-connected, to network and plan toward possible cooperation and joint projects.

The workshop will successively focus on the first three goals. The fourth goal will be mainly be informally dealt with during a “mingle” for workshop participants, organized at the end of each day’s session.

This workshop is considered as a complement to SGEM goals for supporting academic and applied developments in the Earth Sciences. It is directly related to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 to “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, but also closely linked to several SDGs (

This step in SGEM’s outreach goals has a special focus on developing countries, where water resources are often a limiting factor for individual and societal wellbeing. To further help this development, SGEM will allow three students from developing countries to participate freely or, alternative, to publish in the conference proceedings at the fall meeting in Vienna. These students will be selected on a basis of their presentations at this summer workshop in Albena. Other workshop participants will also be encouraged to go forward with their projects and aim for paper submissions, perhaps with the help of new collaboration established during the workshop.

Participation by delegates to the XXth SGEM Geoconference is free, and you are invited to either combine the June summer school in its entirely (see separate information) or to attend the workshop separately. We strongly encourage early registration to ensure space (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

We hope that both the summer school activities and the workshop will become regular features that complement each other, the SGEM goals supporting Geoscience development, and your own personal and institution goals. 


20th International Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2020 gives all participants in the conference the opportunity to lead a workshop and share their knowledge in a practical way free of charge.
You can find more information and submit your application here.. Thank you!

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