Plenary Programme


Updated: 12 June, 2018

Remark: The SGEM 2018 Programme is published in its final version. Changes at this stage are not possible.
We kindly ask each speaker to keep the exact day and time of his presentation in regard to the published plenary programme!

SECTIONS DAY 1/02 Jul, 2018 DAY 2/03 Jul, 2018 DAY 3/04 Jul, 2018 DAY 4/05 Jul, 2018 DAY 5/06 Jul, 2018 DAY 6/07 Jul, 2018 DAY 7/08 Jul, 2018
Section Geology SEA HALL  SEA HALL /  SKY HALL          
Section Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics  SKY HALL            
Section Exploration and Mining   SEA HALL  SEA HALL        
Section Mineral Processing   SKY HALL            
Section Applied and Environmental Geophysics   SKY HALL     SKY HALL        
Section Oil and Gas Exploration   SKY HALL          
Section Informatics       SEA HALL SEA HALL      
Section Geoinformatics       SEA HALL  SEA HALL    
Section Geodesy and Mine Surveying       SKY HALL      
Section Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing       SKY HALL      
Section Cartography and GIS       SKY HALL      
Section Hydrology and Water Resources         SEA HALL SEA HALL  
Section Soils          SEA HALL SEA HALL  
Section Forest Ecosystems           SEA HALL  
Section Renewable Energy Sources and Clean Technologies         SKY HALL SKY HALL  
Section Marine and Ocean Ecosystems         SKY HALL    
Section Recycling          SKY HALL    
Section Air Pollution and Climate Change         WIND HALL    
Section Ecology and Environmental Protection           SKY HALL WIND HALL
Section Environmental Economics            


Section Education and Accreditation in GeoSciences           SKY HALL  
Section Micro and Nano Technologies              
Section Environmental Legislation, Multilateral Relations and Funding Opportunities           WIND HALL  
Section Advances in Biotechnology           WIND HALL  
Section Green Buildings Technologies and Materials             SEA HALLWIND HALL
Section Green Design and Sustainable architecture             SKY HALL
Section Space Technologies and Planetary Science             SKY HALL
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